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It’s self-promotion, at its most shameless.



Justin was on Yahoo Finance talking about the effects of the Shutdown! Make sure to check it out!!


Check out our Owner Justin Cox live talking about the Shutdown’s effect on Craft Breweries and our Precious One Apricot IPA waiting for label approval from the Federal Government.

More Coverage of the Shutdown’s effect on Atlas Brew Works with our Tap Room General Manager Rachel Murray

Check out this great documentary feature Atlas Brew Works and more!!

More Coverage from NBC on the Shutdown’s effect on the release of new beer.


    • January is Barrel-Aged Beer Month at Atlas!!!

    • Tap Room Closed Thursday April 25th and Thursday May 2nd for Private Events!

    • Easter Bunny in the Tap Room 3:30-5pm and Free Pinball/NBA Jams on Sunday April 21st