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Ugly & Stoned American Sour with Ugly Stone Fruit

Ugly & Stoned
  • 13.6°P
  • 12IBU
  • 4.5SRM

Collaboration with MOM's Organic Market, the Environmental Working Group, and Food Policy Action

A collaboration between Atlas, MOM’s Organic Market and the Environmental Working Group. Each year in the U.S. 40% of our food supply is thrown away! To call attention to this massive issue, we brewed Ugly & Stoned. Atlas recaptured ugly fruit from MOM’s Organic Market, fruit that is perfectly edible but doesn’t meet consumers aesthetics. Rather than this fruit going into the waste stream, we take the stone fruit and put it in a kettle soured american ale. The result is a beautifully tart, aromatic, and deep flavored beer that is a creative solution to large problem and helps us get the word out about food waste in America.

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