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Town & Country Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Town & Country
  • 17.5°P
  • 20IBU
  • 13SRM

Town and Country, the first beer from Atlas’ barrel program, is a Belgian Strong Ale aged nine months in Virginia red wine barrels.

Developed in partnership with Boxwood Estate Winery in Middleburg, VA, and aged exclusively in French oak barrels which previously held their world-class Bordeaux varietals, Town and Country blends old-world tradition and new-world innovation in a beer which will surprise and delight the palate. Fruit notes are pronounced, a product of both the unique Belgian yeast used for fermentation and the barrels’ rich history. A strong tannic body and significant alcohol foundation provide a sturdy canvas for flourishes of oak, tobacco, grape, and grain.

Bordeaux Parasol

Tucked silently within one of our French Oak Barrels, this hidden, seemingly discarded beauty is a haunting trinket of a long lost lady. With grace, this parasol waits patiently for its mysterious owner to bathe it in sunlight once again.

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