Ponzi West Coast IPA

  • 16.5°P
  • 62IBU
  • 8SRM

A criminally hoppy West Coast IPA made with five different hop varietals.

A West Coast IPA hopped with criminal disregard. Featuring generous additions of Cascade, Chinook, Centential, Mandarina and Ahtamun hops, followed by hints of Munich malt, Ponzi’s aroma writes checks that its flavor cashes. If it seems too good to be true, you’re probably drinking Ponzi.

Charles Ponzi Stamp Press

Looking to get rich quick? A true maker of fortunes, a creator of wealth, this now still press was once a busy accomplice to a unique scheme you may be familiar with. Yearning to crank out more postage, the press now idly sits awaiting its next great scheme. Invest now and be rich later…much later.

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