District Common Craft Lager

District Common
  • 12°P
  • 20IBU
  • 8SRM

A quaffable Craft Lager featuring biscuit malt and Czech Saaz hops.

Inspired by the beers that accompanied America’s westward expansion, District Common is fermented using lager yeast at temperatures common to ale fermentation. The result is a pale, well-balanced beer combining crisp lager character with fruity ale notes. The clean grain bill provides a refreshing drinkability and supports late aroma additions of Czech Saaz hops. Pair with locally harvested oysters or roast pork medallions. This is no common beer!

Hancock Fountain Pen

Uncovered in the catacombs of Beacon Hill, the Hancock estate in Boston, this pen scratched the first signature of a new nation, and forever transformed our forefathers from British Heretics to Brave Heroes.

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