Dance of Days Pale Ale w/ Citra & Mosaic

Dance of Days
  • 13.0°P
  • 30IBU
  • 4.3SRM

Generously hopped with Citra and Mosaic

Dance of Days is a pale ale generously hopped with beautiful and bright Citra and Mosaic hops. We add wheat malt to the grain bill of the Pale Ale to give the beer a robust body and silk mouth feel that perfectly compliments the floral and citrus flavors from two of our favorite hops. Named in homage to the DC punk scene, this well balanced Pale Ale has hop flavor and aroma for days.

Revolution Heartaphone

The Revolution Summer of '85 cranked out voices of vindication that echoed D.C.'s punk days of yore. Devoid of debauchery and incited with idealism, local bands turned up the volume on creative protest with music at the heart of the movement.

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